wholesale distribution

Promote direct sales to domestic retailers and global marketers. 

mobile/web marketing

Develop direct marketing digital campaigns to promote aggressive, seamless click through and IVR ordering. 

DRtv infomercial

Affiliated with Hutton Miller, the #1 revenue producing direct response studio. We share a mission to create superior content and to return the highest ROI possible.


campaign management

Oversee brand development, direct response TV commercial production, talent, scripting, TV/radio media buys, digital media content marketing, IVR and 3PL.

Intuitive voice response 

Know as IVR, it's the effective means to capture order & payment data, promote up-sells and down-sells without the need of a live operator.

Third party logistics

We have teamed up the 3PL experts at A2B Logistics. Employing the most efficient solutions for B2C and B2C fulfillment.